2326 N. Clark Street | Chicago

(773) 348-1774

Sunday - Friday: Open til 4am

Saturday: Open til 5am

Beer Garden

Ravens beer garden is open Spring, Summer, and Fall, weather permitting. It offers a comfortable space to relax after work or a day at the beach.

The beer garden promises entertaining people watching and is a perfect meeting place before or after all your lakefront activities - Beach Volleyball, Air and Water Show, Fourth of July fireworks, Jammin' at the Zoo...

The patio is open until 11pm daily and midnight on Friday and Saturday night.

Reserve the Beer Garden

The entire bar, like the Beer Garden, can be reserved for any event, party or promotion. A gas grill is available for your function.

For information on booking your party or event at Ravens, please contact our Event Coordinator, Jason Oldham, at jayrayold@aol.com or by phone at (773) 719-9616.